About Us

Pak Fah Yeow International Limited is incorporated in Bermuda as an exempted company with limited liability and its shares have been listed on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited since 1991 (stock code: 239). We are principally engaged in the manufacture, marketing and distribution of healthcare products using our brand“Hoe Hin”. One of our products has been well-known as Hoe Hin White Flower Embrocation or Hoe Hin Pak Fah Yeow, a renowned medicated oil, which has been manufactured for over 95 years and is available in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Southeast Asia and major western countries. Our other products include Hoe Hin Strain Relief, Hoe Hin White Flower Ointment and Fúzăi 239 (floral-scented White Flower Embrocation). The quality management system of our manufacturing facilities (that is, Hoe Hin Pak Fah Yeow Manufactory Limited) is established in accordance with PIC/S (Pharmaceutical Inspection Convention/Pharmaceutical Inspection Co-operation Scheme) Guide to Good Manufacturing Practice for Medicinal Products. The facilities are GMP certified with certificates issued by Therapeutic Goods Administration, Australia and Chinese Medicine Council of Hong Kong. In addition, the said quality management system is ISO9001:2015 certified.

We are also engaged in property and treasury investments. We have property investments in the United Kingdom, Hong Kong and Singapore which were purchased a long time ago and intended to be held for long term to generate steady income.

Hoe Hin Brand and Products

“Being recognised in most of the markets as premium products amongst other brands, which reflect recognition of our brand as Using Top Quality Ingredients, Top Quality Management and Hong Kong-Made Production.”

The legend began in Penang – Malaysia, in 1927 when the founder, the late Mr. Gan Geok Eng first developed the medicated oil of White Flower Embrocation, commonly known as Pak Fah Yeow – literally meaning “White Flower Oil”. The product, which was named after his favourite flower – the white “Narcissus” daffodil, was initially developed for private use. However, the medicated oil proved to be so popular with family friends and acquaintances that Mr. Gan decided to produce it on a commercial basis and offer it for general sale.

The trademark relating to White Flower Embrocation was first registered in Singapore by Mrs. Gan Low Khoon Choo in 1935.

Following the initial success in Singapore and Penang, Mr. Gan decided to enter into the Hong Kong market in 1951, seeing it as both a potential major market and ideal manufacturing center with its numerous Chinese inhabitants and readily available labour force. With a series of remarkable marketing campaigns, including extensive outdoor advertising which was unique in its day, endorsement by well-known Chinese opera actors, and active participation in the Hong Kong Chinese Products Exhibition (Industrial Trade Fair), White Flower Embrocation successfully began to build its market place.