Our Vision

“To be the premier provider of top quality medicated products that are superior to other choices in the markets for all walks of life.”

Our Mission

“To deliver the sustainable value to our stakeholders through responsible business based on core values that include quality excellence, integrity, nurturing and financial strength.”

Our Core Values





H – Honesty

Integrity, Ethic, Conduct

O – Obedience

Accountability, Health and safety, Regulatory compliance

E – Excellence

Quality, Assurance, Financial strength, Sustainability

H – Human

People, Respect, Encouragement, Networking

I – Innovation

Continuous improvement, Marketing initiative

N – Nurturing

Equal opportunities, Environment, Humanity, Return to community

Our Strategies

Manufacture, Marketing and Distribution of Hoe Hin Products

Short to Medium Term:                                                                                                                                            “Expanding existing markets for our existing products while seeking opportunities to explore and develop new markets.”

Long Term:                                                                                                                                                                    “Extending our markets to mainstream channels and chains to cover local communities in overseas markets.”

Property Investments

“Intended for long term to generate steady income and enable us to create cushion irrespective of uncertain economic conditions, while recognised as important to realise premium capital gain for maximising the return as and when considered appropriate.”

Treasury Investments

“Making use of our surplus cash for low to medium-risk investments for better return as opposed to earning historic low interest from bank deposits.”