Pak Fah Yeow International Limited

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Investor Relations

Shareholders and Investor Services

The shares of Pak Fah Yeow International Limited (Stock Code: 239) are listed on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited.

Communication with Shareholders and Investor Relation

We recognise the importance of good communication with the shareholders. Information in relation to us is disseminated to the shareholders in a timely manner through a number of formal channels, which include our interim and annual reports, announcements and circulars.

Our general meetings are valuable from for our board members to communicate directly with the shareholders. The shareholders are encouraged to attend our general meetings.

We are also committed to enhancing communications and relationships with its investors. Designated senior management maintains an open dialogue with institutional investors and analysts to keep them abreast of our developments.

Shareholders may at any time send their enquiries and concerns to the us in writing through our Company Secretary whose contact details are as follows:

Address:11th Floor, 200 Gloucester Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Fax:(852) 2577 2895

Share transfer and registration

For enquires about share transfer and registration, please contact our Hong Kong Share Registrar:

Tricor Standard Limited

Address: Level 22, Hopewell Centre, 183 Queen's Road East
Tel:(852) 2980 1768
Fax:(852) 2861 1465